Project Spark shutting down August 12th

Late last week Microsoft and Team Dakota announced that the Project Spark servers will be going offline for both the Xbox One and Windows 8 games. Along with this announcement was the removal of the game from both platform stores. Anyone that already has the game will be able to continue as normal until August 12th. At that point, the servers will shutdown and access to community downloads, challenges and any other cloud based actions will no longer function. If you plan to earn as many achievements as possible you should start as soon as possible because this will discontinue a large portion of them.

If anyone has purchased a retail copy of the game there was also information you will want to be aware of. The digital starter pack included with the retail copy lost its value when all DLC for Project Spark became free. To make it up to those that purchased this when it wasn’t needed, anyone who redeemed the code after October 5th, 2015 will be receiving automatic credit on their account. If you think this applies to you, then check the Xbox support page for the details.

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