SIP Hot Seat: FLiP DADDY 69

In this iteration of the Hot Seat, we sit down one of the more veteran members of SIP, FLiP DADDY 69. As a member of SIP for almost as long as it has existed, Flip has been party to the evolution of the community and gamed with many members, whether it was through Halo, Call of Duty, or Titanfall. To learn more about him, hit the jump.

The Hot Seat

Who are you and what do you do?
I am, your father…
J/K! My name is Felipe. I was born and raised in Los Angeles till I moved to the midwest in 2007. I first moved to Kansas City but I now reside in Denver, CO (Go Seahawks!). I am a father to 8 year old twin girls. They are pretty freakin’ awesome. For work, I am nationally registered and state certified as an Emergency Medical Technician. Where I work, I am an Assistant Supervisor of the EMS/Security department. I like my job… a lot. 🙂

What’s with your current gamertag?
The part of LA I grew up in and went to school in was predominately white. They destroyed my name over and over, trying to pronounce it. I got so tired of it, I had everyone call me flip. It’s like the short version of my name. The second part of my GT is pretty obvious, I’m a dad. The numbers at the end are purely random 😉 LOL

Where do you hang out online?
When I’m online I’m either here, Facebook, the chive, or reading articles that come up on my HTC One BlinkFeed.

Does family, friends, or co-workers game with you? What makes gaming so appealing?
Not really. I have one friend from back home that games with me once in a while. Most of the time he’s too broke to buy gold. I used to have co-workers in Kansas City that I would game with. Sometimes we would have Halo LAN parties. They don’t play any of the games I do anymore. I had a friend named Leo, but he abandoned everyone… Right now, I only game with a few people consistently, none by the name of Mike. LMAO!

What was the first Bungie game you played?
The first Bungie game, which is also the first Xbox game, I ever played was Halo CE. It was on my little brother’s Xbox. It was pretty fun but I was into other things at the time (i.e. girls and partying). When Halo 2 came out I played it with my lil bro and would destroy him in the local MP. That was my introduction to my later acquired addiction.

When did you join SIP?
When you were in diapers… lol
But really, if I had to put a date on it, it would probably be last week of October or first week of November, 2008. I put together SIP’s first ever 1v1 tournament, dubbed the Turkey Tourney.

How did you find us?
I was a Try Hard looking for a clan to join. I had a post out in the classifieds and Paul (aka Mahdi) replied and invited me to check SIP out. At first I didn’t like that it wasn’t all about being a try hard, but the friendly attitudes and cool people prevailed. I met a lot of cool people over the years and had a lot of good times.

If you could be on any team on the site (this includes NMN, Vidmasters, etc) which one would you pick and why?
The only team I have ever wanted to be on was Team Death Machine, because I love to play Zombies so much. Turns out I’m one of the current Captains. lol

Any suggestions for the staff members here at SIP?
I think the staff does a pretty good job most of the time. The group has evolved over the years as does everything else in life. As long as you guys keep things interesting and everyone continues to have fun, I think this site will continue for many years to come.

What’s your poison?
Well, I probably have many. Depends what your definition of poison is. Captain Morgan and CoD, I guess… lmao!

Out of everything you’ve experienced on the internet, what would you like to see included in S1P?
No. Really…

What would you do if you could do anything for a living?
That’s a hard question. Well it would have to be something realistic and tangible. If salary didn’t matter and it was all about the work, I would like to be a professional Cuddler. Only if I could pick and choose my clients though.

I have many I have met along the way. A shout out to all the SIP old timers, you know who you are. Mahdi for bringing me to the group. All my degenerate brothers from another dysfunctional mother, you know who you are too. All my main squeezes: The Tangos (Contact and Down [aka bubbles]), RK, Badad, Hickox, Bones, Arby, Flatty, ES, Ninjalo, Trysten, wrcfan, Whitestar, and to the late John E Cash and late Captain DUI. Anyone else I might have forgot, sorry. I’m doing this at the end of my shift. lol

Thanks Flip for picking and choosing SIP as your gaming community! We’ll let you head home to call in your Titan 😉 If you’d like to learn more about the veteran members who call SIP home, the Hot Seat and SIP Spotlight archives are available for your perusal.

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