SIP Hot Seat: Trysten

Most people would understandably run away from zombie outbreak or an infestation of Hive. It takes a special kind of person to run towards one of these apocalyptic events and Trysten is certainly one of them. Today, I sat him down in the hot seat to talk about how he manages to be a veteran member of SIP by day, and zombie-killer/crime-perpetrator/raider by night.

SIP Hot Seat

Who are you and what do you do?

My real name is Trysten, but most people accidentally or purposefully call me Tristen. I have been a gamer my whole life since I played a PlayStation 1 when I was probably around 3 years old. I’m a tryhard when it comes to pretty much any video game.

My favorite developers are Bungie and Treyarch for sure. My current game is of course Destiny. I have played plenty of games and game consoles though.

I am also a co-captain of our Black Ops I & II Zombie team, Team Deathmachine. I can’t wait for Black Ops III!

What’s with your current gamertag?

I couldn’t decide on a unique gamertag that I liked, and somebody who didn’t really play his Xbox already took Trysten. So I ran with Trystenx500 for a while, then I found SIP back when we were still on and eventually switched it to SIP Trysten, which is so much better.

Where do you hang out online?

Here and mainly on Destiny, GTA Online, and Call of Duty zombies, but I’ve been known to frequent a variety of online games as well. Hours have been lost to Castleminer Z, an indie Xbox 360 game.

Do family, friends, or co-workers game with you? What makes gaming so appealing?

My younger brother games with me on a lot of the same games, and I occasionally game with my older sister and brother-in-law on some Call of Duty.

Games have a way of telling a story much more in depth than say a movie or book. That, and I extremely enjoy PvP competition from time to time. I also extremely enjoy games that require massive co-operative style gameplay. Nothing beats video games in terms of entertainment.

What was the first Bungie game you played?

Halo 1 of course. It’s a classic, first played it on a friend’s Xbox, then bought it for PC. Fell in love with the campaign and the online multiplayer the PC offered instantly. Especially because of the PC exclusive maps. Then I upgraded my multiplayer experience when Halo: Custom Edition came out, free too. All you needed to be able to play was a legitimate CD key.

When did you join SIP?

Back in May 2010

How did you find us?

I had bought Halo 3: ODST, instantly enjoyed the heck out of the Firefight game mode, but I was frustrated with the lack of matchmaking. Google solved that by showing me a link to the Spartan 1 Project group on when looking for help with the 200k achievements.

If you could be on any team on the site (this includes NMN, Vidmasters, etc) which one would you pick and why?

Is it wrong to pick the team you are already on? Team DeathMachine for sure, nothing is more enjoyable to me than hearing people get that easter egg, or even the little achievements that need some special attention, after they tried to get it with randoms. TDM is one of the reasons I enjoy coming back to zombies all the time.

Any suggestions for the staff members here at SIP?

Keep up with the ban hammers! Oh wait, I mean with the awesomesauce!


I would like to give a shout out to Peter Dinklage. You are the best midget in the world! He frequents here, right?

Ed.: I don’t think he does, but we might be able to get DeeJ to pass on this shout-out for you.

Community Questions

Out of everything you’ve experienced on the internet, what would you like to see included in S1P?

Let’s see, weekly opportunities to win a free pizza from pizza hut! Seriously though, maybe some YouTube and Twitch in the future that represents what SIP was/is.

If you could punch any historical figure (living or dead) in the face, who would it be & why?

George W Bush, you know why, you know. >_>

What’s your poison?

Not a tough one. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, straight and frosty from the freezer!

Here’s the scenario: Reaper is handcuffed to a chair…you’ve got 2 feet of garden hose, a rubber band, a stick of chewing gum and 2 minutes……what do you do?

Oh man, don’t tempt me!

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar?

Right now? You don’t even want to know man! Bad things, bad bad things.

If you could go be a part of making the final decisions in the making of a video game (past, present, or future) which game would it be? And what would you do?

Return Destiny’s story and gameplay to what it was originally supposed to be based on Bungie’s vision. Before Activision stepped in and wanted them to make changes to the game so it would be rated T for Teen.

If you could high five anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

Mahdi for starting this crazy awesome group!

Who is the scariest person from SIP that you’ve met so far?

Scariest? Pokenut, aka The Stig! The man rarely says a word in parties! It’s the quiet ones you have to keep your eye on, otherwise they steal all your cookies when you turn your head!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?

All the wood in the world, obviously, tsshh.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Invisibility, I could do almost anything I wanted and nobody would know!
Lurk status: Invisi-ninja!

It seems that Trysten just activated Arc Blade because I turned my head for one second and when I looked back, he had vanished. It seems that we’ll have to put the Hot Seat back into storage for a little while but until next time, you can read more about the members that make SIP what it is by reading the Hot Seat and SIP Spotlight archives.

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