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This week is all about changes. We have news on two betas, changes coming to Destiny, Halo 5 and Ark: Survival Evolved as well as a long list of sales. There’s even more so read on to find out!

Gaming News and Info


Halo 5: Guardians The REQ system had a few changes this week with a handful of guns dropping down a level requirement to use them in Warzone. This is what has changed.

Carbine: 4 -> 2
Rain of Oblivion: 4 -> 3
Blood of Suban: 5 -> 4

Suppressor: 2 -> 1

Bolt Shot
Boltshot: 2 -> 1

Light Rifle
Light Rifle: 5 -> 4
Barbed Lance: 5 -> 4
Dying Star: 6 -> 5

Saw: 5 -> 4
Appetite for Destruction: 6 -> 5

Also announced is a new bundle that can be purchased in the near future. 343I will be introducing an Arena REQ Bundle for $24.99 starting February 16. Just like the Warzone bundle, this will also award two premium packs per week for seven weeks. There will also be a guaranteed drop of the Mark V Alpha armor set like the Chief had in Combat Evolved. This bundle will replace the Warzone bundle currently available from the in-game store, but it can still be purchased from the dashboard or if you wish to do so.


Destiny Bungie has changed the name of their weekly update to “This Week at Bungie” to avoid confusion with other news postings. The meat of the update however was heavily weighted toward the Crucible. Several major changes include spawning with no special ammo in all 3v3 game modes, a new Freelance playlist that restricts fireteam access, and an overhaul to the connection side that should improve the game for people with a good connection and make it worse for those with a bad one.

For the PvE side of things it was mostly centered around King’s Fall and one elusive ship. Some players have encountered their camera snapping to a default view while being the runner at the Daughter’s section, which will now be fixed. The biggest change though is the, hopefully, end of teleporting ogres at the Oryx fight. As for the ship mentioned earlier, the Vienna Singer will now have a higher chance of dropping upon completion of the Black Spindle side quest. There’s more to come and we’ll have the full patch notes after the update goes live on February 9th.

Other Gaming News

DOOM Bethesda has announced Doom’s release date and it’s slated to drop on May 13 of this year. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-ordering either the collector’s or standard edition of doom will get the “Demon Multiplayer Pack” having a unique Demon armor set with three skin variation, six metallic paint colors and lastly three “ID” logos that can be used as weapon or armor skin. For more information click Here
Need for Speed Need for Speed got its third update this week called “Showcase.” The biggest change was the introduction of a competitive mode for those interested in challenging themselves against other players. A new screenshot mode and wrap sharing filled out the rest of the changes along with achievements related to these. If you want more information on each part then check out the post about it.
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game Warner Bros. Interactive has officially announced Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and details about a Deluxe Edition of the physical release. There were some story details, where some parts of the game will let you explore between “Return of The Jedi” and “The Force Awakens”. For more information click Here.
Mirror's Edge Catalyst After a long silence since the release was pushed back several months DICE has new information for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. A new trailer for the story was released which gave us a look at some of the changes to the storytelling of the past game. Although, the biggest news was hidden at the end with the reveal of a closed beta coming soon. To see the trailer or find out how to get in the beta read our post here.
Hitman On February 12, PS4 players who Pre-ordered the game will be able to play the closed Beta. The Beta will begin on February 12 and end on Febuary 14. PC players will have access to the beta a week after, starting on February 19 and ending on February 21. Unfortunately, Xbox One players will not have access to the beta. For more details click Here.
Ark: Survival Evolved Developer Studio Wilcard has shared a tweet regarding upcoming changes, which will fix frame rate problems and add local & remote split-screen support. For more information click Here.

Deals of the Week

EA is holding a Publisher sale this week which includes a daily deal for each platform. Today is Garden Warfare for 75% / 65% off on 360 and Xbox One. Tomorrow will have Mirror’s Edge for 67% / 57% off on the 360 and Dragon Age: Inquisition – Game of the Year Edition for 67% / 60% off on the Xbox One. As you’ve probably guessed, the different percentages off means these are for Gold and Silver members at different amounts off.

Xbox One

EA Publisher Sale

Battlefield 4 Premium – 60%/50% off
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition – 60% / 50%
Battlefield Hardline Deluxe Edition – 67% / 60%
Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition – 67% / 60%
Battlefield Hardline Ultimate Edition – 67% / 60%
EA SPORTS NHL 16 – 67% / 60%
EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR – 60% / 50%
FIFA 16 + PvZ Garden Warfare – 60% / 50%
FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition + PvZ Garden Warfare – 50% / 40%
FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition + PvZ Garden Warfare – 35% / 25%
Madden NFL 16 Deluxe: Season Edition – 50% / 40%
Madden NFL 16 Super Deluxe: Season Edition – 35% / 25%
MADDEN NFL 16 – Super Bowl Edition – 50% / 40%
Need for Speed – 67% / 60%
Need for Speed Deluxe Edition – 67% / 60%
STAR WARS Battlefront – 50% / 40%
STAR WARS Battlefront Deluxe Edition – 50% / 40%
Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition – 33% / 25%

Deals of the week

F1 2015 – Gold Price: $24 – 60% off
Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 1 – Gold Price: $11 – 50% off
Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 2 – Gold Price: $12.25 – 50% off
Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition – Gold Price: $38.99 – 35% off
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass – Gold Price: $14.99 – 40% off
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Game of the Year Edition – Gold Price: $17.99 – 40% off
Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – Gold Price: $11.75 – 50% off
Pumped BMX + – Gold Price: $5 – 50% off
Ryse: Legendary Edition – Gold Price: $15 – 50% off
The Swapper – Gold Price: $3 – 80% off
Toto Temple Deluxe – Gold Price: $5.99 – 40% off
Watch_Dogs Complete Edition – Gold Price: $25 – 50% off

Xbox 360

EA Publisher Sale

Army Of Two: The 40th Day – 75% / 65%
Bejeweled 2 – 50% / 40%
Bulletstorm – 75% / 65%
Crysis 2 – 80% / 70%
Crysis 3 – 80% / 70%
Dragon Age 2 – 80% / 70%
EA SPORTS FIFA 16 – 60% / 50%
EA SPORTS NHL Legacy Edition – 67% / 57%
Feeding Frenzy – 50% / 40%
Feeding Frenzy 2 – 50% / 40%
Heavy Weapon – 50% / 40%
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – 80% / 70%
Madden NFL 16 – 67% / 57%
NCAA Football 14 – 75% / 65%
Need For Speed Most Wanted – 80% / 70%
NFL Blitz – 75% / 65%
Peggle – 50% / 40%
Skate 3 – 75% / 65%
Zuma – 50% / 40%
Zuma’s Revenge! – 50% / 40%

Deals of the week

Hitman HD Pack – Gold Price: $6.24 – 75% off
Hitman: Absolution – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off
Hitman: Blood Money – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off

SIP News


With our first week of February this means that our January contest has entered the voting round. Be sure to check out the contest thread to see all the entries and vote for the one you think is most deserving. The poll closes on Monday so vote soon.

Speaking of February, our screenshot contest has just begun. If you find yourself with a nice screenshot during the month then be sure to check it out. There’s also been a slight rule change from previous rounds to allow more time to last minute entries.


Dark Infinity – 30th
PavedLow – 30th
369andy – 30th
Tactics – 31st
Y U Raging Bro – 1st
Pack Wolf – 1st
Plorf – 2nd
jim97 – 3rd
LyleS068 – 4th
Stewarty – 4th
Lonewolfvan – 5th
swifttime – 5th

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