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This week a few of your favorite games are getting some Updates. Destiny is getting an event called Age of Triumph. Resident Evi: Revelations is coming to Current Gen Consoles and much more news so keep on reading to see what’s going on in the Gaming Industry.

Gaming News and Info


Halo 5: Guardians Just a quick note for you Halo 5 Warzone players. An update has already gone out that changed some of the REQ cards to new level requirements. Here’s the list straight from 343I:

– Brute Plasma Rifle changed to 2, Sorrow of Teash to 3, and Scale of Soirapt to 4
– Needlers to 2, Hailstorm to 3,and Talon of the Lost to 3
– Hydra to 4, Typhon to 5, and Echidna to 6
– Scattershot to 3, Loathsome Thing to 4, and Didact’s Signet to 5
– Spartan Laser to 4, Endgame to 5, and Selene’s Lance to 6
– Sentinel Beam to 3
– Plasma Turret to 1

Halo Wars 2 Coming next week is the new leader Morgan Kinsano. She is a pyromaniac with a lot of her powers revolving around fire, including her own fire Cyclops, flamethrower warthogs and napalm strikes. You’ll be able to get it free with the season pass next week or, I would assume, buy it individually for an unspecified price.

Along with the new leader will be a large patch to change various things in the game. New ranked playlists will be added along with adjustments to the economy. We’ll have more details on all of this in a blog post later tonight or tomorrow.


Destiny The second reveal stream for Age of Triumph has given a closer look at some of the activities revolving around the new event. To start, The Speaker will have a 12 part quest at the tower that takes you through everything there is to do. Changes to the weekly events include a story mission playlist for the week instead of a daily mission, adding a 390 Challenge of the Elders event, and the return of blue flames with bonus XP for completing the Nightfall strike. An addition to the Nightfall is the Daybreak modifier which combines the Epic modifier with the Crucible’s Mayhem mode with fast charging abilities and supers. Daybreak will only appear once a month until July where it will be active for 6 weeks in a row.

The final addition is a new Treasure of Ages to collect. Inside the box you can get any item that had been previously available in any of the past treasure boxes including the seasonal events. Masks, Dawning armor, SRL sparrows and horns, it’s all there. There will also be a set of new Triumph armor to collect as well as a ship and new ornaments. If you want something specific, the Silver Dust kiosk will be updated to allow purchase of any of the individual items you want. You can get three of the new treasure boxes each week by playing the weekly story playlist, weekly Crucible mode, and the 390 Challenge of the Elders. Next week will hold the information we want the most, weapon details.

Other Gaming News

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Another patch for CoD: Infinite Warfare is now available. The list just includes general fixes with a lot of fixes being made to various weapons. To see the list of patch notes check it out right here. Just make sure to scroll all the way down.
Resident Evil: Revelations Success of Capcom’s ports of Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the publisher is moving forward with bringing Revelations to current-gen systems. The game Resident Evil: Revelations is expected to launch on Fall 2017 in both digital and physical formats. Players will have to wait a bit until more information is available on the game.
Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft made an announcement that mid-season reinforcements for Rainbow Six Siege is ready to deploy. The update features various changes, including a change to Glaz’s scope that adds thermal visual feedback, and an Elite bundle for the character Twitch, which gives her elite skins, a new design for her drone, and a host of other aesthetic choices. To see the list of what’s improving, check it out in our blog post.
Battlefield 1 The Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass release is not only about the French Army, the 4 all-new maps, new weapons, and other great content. The update containing the expansion also comes with various gameplay improvements for all players. To see the list of improvements and etc coming to Battlefield 1 check it out in our blog post.
Killer Insinct Killer Instinct’s Patch 3.07 introduces new story missions for Tusk, a few bug fixes, system changes, and a log list of changes to some of the characters too. To see the list of patch notes check it out in our blog post. Apart from the patch notes players will receive Double XP starting March 16 and ending March 20.
Rocket League Coming this Wednesday, the 22nd, is a new mode, arena, collectible crate and achievements. Dropshot removes the traditional nets and turns the ball into a destructive force that breaks the floor. If it falls in a hole on your teams side then the other team scores. You can read more details about the update in our blog post.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 developer Treyarch has announced a Double XP Event which takes place over the weekend. Double up on XP for both multiplayer and the zombies game mode as well as Double XP rewards for weapons too. The XP event begins tomorrow at 10AM PST and will end at 10AM PST on March 20th.

double xp

Gears of War 4 If you’re a fan of the locust, well your in for a surprise they’re back. You can watch the video below:

Click on the link for more details on the MARCH GEAR PACK: LOCUST DRONES

Deals of the Week
This week has a long list of sales that we decided not to link to individually. Instead, you can read through the full list on Major Nelson’s blog right here. The standard deals of the week are available along with a Ubisoft Publisher sale and an ID@Xbox sale. Chances are pretty good you’ll find something worth getting.

SIP News

No Community Game Night this week.

JohnECash – 12th
Enigmas Shadow – 13th
CMBZ1 – 15th
OpticalForge – 16th

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