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This week in the SIPWU, we have news on Destiny’s April Update as well as Rise of the Tomb Raiders Last DLC and a bit more on other games.

Gaming News and Info


Destiny Our first look at the new content from the April Update showed off the updated Prison of Elders as well as a tease for the new strike and an updated Winter’s Run. The Light level will be increased to 335 with several current high level events getting a boost to their enemies and reward drops. The new Challenge of the Elders mode will be the primary source for 335 level loot through the new scoring system that’s being added for meeting the requirements of the weekly scorecard. There’s a lot more information for everything mentioned and you can find it all on the blog.

Other Gaming News

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 “Nuk3town Map” is going to be free and along with that a Nuk3town personalization pack (Nuk3town-themed weapon camo and reticles and a themed calling card). For more information Click Here.
DOOM So Bethesda and id Software have revealed that there will be six multiplayer modes. So if you always wanted to become a Demon well now you’ll have the chance when the game is out and play multiplayer. For more information on the different multiplayer modes click Here.
Rise of the Tomb Raider The Final DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider will Drop on March 29. The DLC is called “Cold Darkness Awakened”. For more information Click Here.
Xbox With April just over a week away Microsoft has revealed the new set of free games that will be available to Gold members. The Xbox One will be getting The Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive, while the 360 gets Dead Space and Saints Row IV. Both 360 titles will be backwards compatible and purchasable through the Xbox One thanks to a recent update. To learn more about each game click this or watch the video below.

The Division Tuesday’s patch for The Division included a large number of bug fixes and weapon balancing. One additional fix was the removal of an exploit that allowed players to repeatedly kill a specific named enemy for unlimited amounts of loot in a short period of time. A planned increase in Phoenix Credits ended up being removed at the last minute due to stability issues resulting from it. This is planned to be fixed and released in a future update. The full list of patch notes can be read here.

Deals of the Week

This week we got a giant Spring Sale! Big discounts on a ton of games… which means nobody wants to make all the links. Instead, you can see the the full list here thanks to major Nelson. There’s a few fantastic deals in there if you don’t already own the titles. Browse through and see if anything catches your interest. If you want an opinion on a game be sure to a make a post and someone will help you out.

SIP News


Don’t forget that Neo is Hosting another Halo night on Friday and Saturday. If you want to be part of the shenanigans or if you just want to work your way on getting Achilles armor and other armor sets, you can register here. Just click on the Friday or Saturday depending on which day you’d like to join.


One week is left until the Video Contest closes. If you haven’t submitted anything yet then be sure to get it in before the deadline!

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