SIPWU 6.14.14 Part 1: Microsoft @ E3 2014

Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Hyper Remix Edition EX Plus Alpha Prime
For those of you who know Dead Rising, the gameplay is contrary to the horror of most Zombie games. Instead, you get fast, humorous fun while you destroy endless hordes of zombies. To add to this, Capcom has released new DLC for Dead Rising 3. The Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Hyper Remix Edition EX Plus Alpha Prime brings even more craziness in this Arcade game mode featuring Capcom characters from throughout the years in 4 player Co-op. The trailer shows it better than I can describe it.

Project Spark
Project Spark is a game where you can build almost anything you want, given a blank or premade canvas. The possibilities for what you can do are nearly endless. It’s been in beta for a while and if you haven’t tried it yet, then here’s a small glimpse of what you can do.

Ori and the Blind Forest
Ori and the Blind Forest is new adventure platformer with an emotional story that takes you around a dying forest to investigate what is happening. Here’s what to expect in the game, and according to many (myself included), it will give you “the feels.”

From the creators of LIMBO comes another game. INSIDE will be debuting on the Xbox in 2015 with more info coming soon.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
The next Tomb Raider game in the franchise feature Lara Croft coming back next year during the Holiday Season. Watch the trailer to get to know more.

Killer Instinct and Phantom Dust
Killer Instinct, the rebooted fighting game available on Xbox One will be seeing a lot more in Season 2. Among the things you’ll be seeing is the new character; TJ Combo. Here is TJ’s trailer.

And the same guys who brought you the Killer Instinct reboot will be rebooting another fighter from the original Xbox onto the Xbox One. Phantom Dust will be rebooted onto the Xbox One soon. Here’s the media briefing discussing the game.

Did you spot the easter egg in the trailer?

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