SIPWU 6.14.14 Part 1: Microsoft @ E3 2014

A new game from Platinum Games, Scalebound puts you into a hostile environment with creatures of all kinds, including your friendly neighborhood dragons. And nothing says ‘Killing monsters in style’ like listening to music through a colorful pair of headphones. Here’s the media briefing showing you the game and nice pun.

The Division
The Division, a Tom Clancy Role-playing with a thrilling story that the franchises are famed for gave us another look at the co-op gameplay in this MMO. In this situation, a small group of Division Agents group up to head to one of their headquarters set around the city and get tactical as they clear out some undesirables from the area. Watch the trailer to see how a well coordinated team works in the sprawling New York City wasteland (although nobody works well enough to do what they do).

Happy Wars
One of the Xbox 360’s most popular free-to-plays, Happy Wars, has some big news. The jolliest competitive action game on the 360 is coming to the Xbox One. The Xbox One version features cross-platform play and allows you to transfer your stats between consoles. Here’s the trailer for the Xbox One version.

One of your favorite open-world crime fighting games is coming back and is bigger than ever. Crackdown is getting rebooted on the Xbox One with the Agency expanding it’s operations into new territory. The creator, David Jones, the mind behind the original Crackdown, the original Grand Theft Auto and APB, is making the reboot, which features multiplayer co-op powered by Xbox Live’s Cloud servers. Here’s a taste of the game, which tastes a bit like Dominoes.

Deals of the Week
Forza Horizon – Gold Price: $10.19 – 66% off
Terraria – Gold Price: $4.94 – 67% off
Resident Evil Revelations – Gold Price: $13.59 – 66% off

SIP News

Voting for the Summer MVP has begun. Head over to this thread to vote for who you believe has made the biggest contribution to the community over the last three months.

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