SIPWU 6.14.14 Part 3: Sony @ E3 2014

Continuing from the momentum Sony gained from last years presentation, they went even bigger with their stage presence and the offerings they’ll be bringing to gamers later this year and into the next. With the controversy of last year’s Xbox One reveal waning, fans and potential purchasers have good reason to ask and see why a PS4 should find a permanent place in their entertainment center. Sony brought their game(s), and offered plenty of reasons as to why a PlayStation 4 is a prime candidate for any dedicated gamer. Plenty of announcements to ogle at, so without further ado, here’s what they brought to E3!


Most notable as the Sony conference began streaming was the sheer size of the on stage screen and the panoramic scope it provided. Flashy stage lights swiveled and faded into a blue tone, and the show began.

A trailer begins to play and for a moment, leaves us in wonderment as to what is about to be shown. Soon it becomes clear. Familiar icons and symbols present themselves. The voice of an increasingly famous actor, Peter Dinklage, begins his narration. He speaks of the traveler, and the expansion of human intelligence and prosperity. “It was our Destiny to walk in the light of other stars.” Of course this could only be one game. Destiny! Here’s the lengthy trailer:

Following the conclusion of Halo and Microsoft exclusivity, Bungie has really buddied up with Sony and has made it clear that the PS4 is the system of preference. This means content will be finding its way to Sony platforms first. Amongst these first offerings, it was announced that PS4 owners will have first look access during the Destiny Alpha testing. As of the time this recap is released Alpha testing will be over, but there is plenty of footage now available. If you missed out on Alpha and want a chance to play Destiny before launch, Beta testing will open on July 17th. This is confirmed for PS3 and PS4, with no official announcement for Xbox consoles. Also for the first time since the game was announced, multiplayer footage and info has surfaced.

Almost done with Destiny news, Sony announced a new ”Glacier White PS4.” It will come bundled with a copy of Destiny and a 30 day PS+ membership, coinciding with the release of Destiny this fall. Pricing for the bundle will be $449 or €399 in Europe.

The Order: 1886

One of the more anticipated exclusives releasing for PS4, The Order: 1886 is set to take place in an alternate reality version of London, with some seriously kick butt alternate weaponry (Thermite Rifle). You take on the role of a knight, tasked with protecting the world from “half-breed” monsters. The struggle leading up to your story hasn’t looked too bright until the tables turned with the discovery of Black Water, a liquid with incredible healing properties, and the push of the industrial Revolution. Plenty of references to old history are found throughout the plot, including King Arthur and the Knights of the round table.

The trailer we are walked through explores who the half-breeds are, and how Ready at Dawn (developer) are pushing for a much more cinematic experience than what is typically offered to gamers.

For the clueless, 1886 is not the release date, nor do you understand how dates work. Release is currently scheduled for February 20, 2015.


Both announced and released at the same time by new developer Pixel Opus, Entwined glides you through a philosophical journey about two souls represented by fish and bird, which are in love but unable to be together. Despite not being able to be together, the end goal is to unite the two souls. Hopefully this means we’ll have flying fish by the time the end credits finish rolling.

In all seriousness, the game looks beautiful and allows players to control the two characters through simultaneous input. At the end of each life/level, the player transforms into a dragon and can partake in serene fish-bird-dragon soul skywriting.

Entwined is available for $9.99 on PS4, and will launch for PS3 and Vita later next month. The game supports cross-buy, so only one purchase is needed to own it on all systems.

inFAMOUS: First Light Stand-Alone

inFAMOUS First Light is an upcoming stand-alone DLC, releasing in August. The next player we’ll be living through our fingertips with is Abigail “Fetch” Walker. A recurring character from the series campaign, you follow her in the events leading up to Second Son. Without spoiling much, you’ll be playing through her troubled past and learn why her motivations are influenced the way they are, while experiencing “a new flavor” of neon abilities. The majority of the DLC walks you through Curdun Cay and the mountain passes surrounding the area and will also re-visit Seattle.

Little Big Planet 3

Undoubtedly one of the most beloved PlayStation exclusive series, Little Big Planet made sure to show up to the E3 parade in all of its charming glory. The game still plays in the same way of a platformer with just as much promise for community designed support. The reveal walks us through familiar territory and introduces us to three new sack-“things” to play as. Welcome OddSock, Swoop, and Toggle to the LBP world. Each character serves their own purpose, and can be seen in the following gameplay reveal:

Expect little sack-men (somebody didn’t think this name through, or thought it through to such deliberate hilarity) to invade your television in Fall 2014.


Originally nicknamed/leaked as “Project Beast” we are now given the official name of the new IP. Bloodborne. Brought to you by the sadistic trucks behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, FromSoftware licks their chops as they toss you into the Gothic ancient city of Yharnam. Yharnam has been recently cursed with an unknown illness. As for your role in all of this, not much is known other than the fact you’ll probably die..respawn..die..and then throw your controller.

Trying to switch up the “Souls” formula, shields are being removed and dodging has been reworked. The emphasis of combat is focused on direct confrontation. If the game doesn’t sound awesome enough, how does wielding a shotgun in your left hand and a switchblade-esque cleaver in your right sound? Still not impressed? Nothing impresses you.

No release date has been set in stone. Expect to see Bloodborne cursing your PS4 (exclusively) in 2015.

Dead Island 2

Surprisingly unsurprising, a new Dead Island was teased. While not previously announced, it seemed likely we’d see a new installment at some point. Much like the original Dead Island teaser, we are given a brilliant CGI teaser. Like the first Dead Island teaser, not much about the gameplay is shown or revealed. As such, I can neither confirm nor deny that there are kitten zombies. Take THAT info however you’d like. I make no promises.

No, that’s not Jack Black.

Magicka 2

Following the “Wizard Wars” players enter a world where the few remaining wizards have gone mad, becoming hostile and dangerous. The goal of the game is to find the bad guys and make them pucker their sweet lips to death’s kiss. As per Magicka mechanics, death is dealt by mixing and matching thousands of dynamic spells in unique co-op supported gameplay. Nintendo must have mentored these guys because friendly fire is on, and it’s there to deal a gut punch to any friendship. Also, the trailer is hilarious.

Grim Fandango

Shocking fans of the classic, Sony hit us with the news of a Grim Fandango port/remake for the PS4 and Vita. Hairy knuckled, beard chinned Tim Schafer posed as a 12/10 year old girl asking for the classic graphic adventure video game to become legally available. No twelve year old slash ten year old girl should be subjected to the pirates life to play her favorite game, so Sony being the good guy is bringing Grim Fandango to consoles. No real news or footage exists outside of the announcement, but it’s awesome news none the less for fans.

It sounds like it will be launching on Sony consoles as a timed exclusive with more support for additional platforms to be announced.

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