SIPWU 6.17.16 – E3 Edition: Bethesda and Nintendo

Nintendo did not have a press conference or even a Nintendo Direct this year. Instead, they streamed hours of time from the show floor of E3 in what they call Treehouse. We didn’t get to see much of these, but they said beforehand it would heavily focus on the new Legend of Zelda title. And there was no appearance of the Nintendo NX so there’s nothing to report on that.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The long teased Legend of Zelda game finally has an official title. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a new story for the young hero with several new abilities and skills. This was the main focus for Nintendo so you can find a lot of gameplay and developer commentary available on YouTube. For a short summary of some of the new information you can click the link.
Pokemon Sun and Moon While not that popular around here, there were new details of Pokemon Sun and Moon revealed. The battle mechanics have changed slightly so you can better see what each move does during battle as well as a reminder of what attacks work best. During battle both trainers will also be in the frame now. Walking has changed so there’s no more grid movement and the lighting will show the time of day. Trainer battles will also have a darkening around the screen when you’re about to walk into the path of another trainer. The biggest reveal however was the introduction of Battle Royale. This new mode is a four player multiplayer mode where each player can attack anyone else. You can see some of these in the below video along with a few new Pokemon reveals.

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