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This week Halo 5 got a new free update along with firefight, The Division has a new expansion as well and many more things you can read. So keep on reading and see what’s going on with the Gaming Industry.

Gaming News and Info


Halo 5: Guardians By now you’ve probably been enjoying the new release of Score Attack and Warzone Firefight in Halo 5. If not, there’s two new modes, three new maps and several new REQ packs to get your hands on. You can check it all out here.

Other Gaming News

Xbox Fitness If you’re one of the few people who uses Xbox Fitness you’ll want to read what will be happening to the service. For more details click here.
The Division For those that Own The Underground Expansion for The Division a patch note was released. To see the details on the patch notes click here.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 As you might know, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3’s “Descent” DLC will be arriving first for PS4 players, click for more details on the DLC.
Xbox New month means more free games. The July games, which are available today, start off with Banner Saga 2 for Xbox One and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 for the 360. Coming on the 16th will be Tumblestone on Xbox One and Tron Evolution for the 360. For all the details on these games you can see our post.

We’ve also added a Backwards Compatibility List this week so you can see all the games currently available. We’ll be updating the forum side of that as new games are added.

Microsoft has announced the Anniversary update for Windows 10 and Xbox One will be coming on August 2nd. This will add Cortana support to Xbox One as well as background music and much more. We’ll have more information on it later once they give the details.

DOOM Doom will be getting its first update on June 30. Some of the things are new features such as Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots, and a new weapon placement view option, which centers your weapons similar to the original DOOM 1993 and more. To see the list check it out right here
Bioshock: The Collection Bioshock: The collection has been officially confirmed by 2k. It was rumored for a couple of months, but now it’s confirmed. The collection will have all three games which are Bioschock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. For more details on The Collection look here.
Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Trouble In Zombopolis: Part Two will be Free starting today so if you own Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 you can download it today. Here are some of the new things coming to the game, Trouble in Zombopolis: Part 2 brings community challenges that, upon successful completion, will reward everyone with coins, sticker packs, or exclusive items. Also in this update, PopCap has added delivery challenges. Players will use the Rocket Chomper or Delivery Goat in a timed race.

Deals of the Week

Xbox One

Commander Cherry for Kinect – Gold Price: $2.97 – 67% off
DC Universe Online 12-Month Membership – Gold Price: $89.99 – 25% off
DC Universe Online 3-Month Membership – Gold Price: $35.09 – 10% off
Dead or Alive 5 Last Round New Costume Pass 2 – Gold Price: $55.79 – 40% off
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round Story Mode – Gold Price: $10.49 – 30% off
DOA5LR: Core Fighters 30 Character Set – Gold Price: $30.59 – 40% off
Halo 5: Guardians – 40% – 50% off
Halo 5: Guardians – Digital Deluxe Edition – 50% – 60% off
NBA 2K16 – Gold Price: $30 – 50% off
NBA 2K16 -200,000 VC – Gold Price: $29.99 – 40% off
NBA 2K16 – 450,000 VC – Gold Price: $40 – 60% off
NBA 2K16 – 75,000 VC – Gold Price: $17.99 – 10% off
NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition – Gold Price: $40 – 50% off
NBA 2K16 Starter Pack Bundle – Gold Price: $40 – 50% off
Organic Panic – Gold Price: $10.04 – 33% off
Resident Evil 6 – Gold Price: $13.39 – 30% off
Teslagrad – Gold Price: $7.50 – 50% off
The Magic Circle: Gold Edition – Gold Price: $16.99 – 15% off
TITANFALL DELUXE EDITION – Gold Price: $5 – 75% off
Unmechanical: Extended – Gold Price: $3.30 – 67% off
ZHEROS – Gold Price: $10 – 50% off

Xbox 360

Mass Effect 2: Arrival – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Mass Effect 2: Genesis – Gold Price: $1.99 – 50% off
Mass Effect 2: Kasumi – Stolen Memory – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Mass Effect 2: Lair of The Shadow Broker – Gold Price: $4.99 – 50% off
Mass Effect 2: Overlord – Gold Price: $3.49 – 50% off
Mass Effect 3: Citadel (1 of 2) – Gold Price: $7.49 – 50% off
Mass Effect 3: From Ashes – Gold Price: $4.99 – 50% off
Mass Effect 3: Leviathan – Gold Price: $4.99 – 50% off
Mass Effect 3: Omega – Gold Price: $7.49 – 50% off
NBA 2K16 – Gold Price: $29.99 – 50% off
Titanfall Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off

Microsoft has also announced the annual Ultimate Game Sale will begin Tuesday, July 5th. Discounts will be 40% – 60% off on 250 items with Gold members getting an extra 10% off. Here’s the teaser for just a few games you’ll see on sale.

SIP News


For those that might be interested, Neo will be having another Community Game Night (Halo 5 Warzone) on Friday – July 1.


Voting for the June screenshot contest will begin tomorrow if all goes according to plan. Be sure to vote for the one you want to see win and come back one week later for the results.

Today is the beginning of our July video contest. Be sure to record your clips and submit your best by the end of the month!


silverjb2002 – 25th
Extravadanza – 25th
DieFledermoose – 25th
Pwnage – 25th
OniTenshu – 27th
StarWars117 – 28th
HuCast07 – 28th
acaraba2 – 30th

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