SIPWU 8.7.15 – Gamescom Edition

Gamescom is back, meaning we are flooded with gaming news this week. This is one of the year’s biggest events in gaming, after E3. Read on to get up-to-date with the gaming industry.

Gaming News and Info


Halo 5: Guardians The Halo 5 Limited Edition Xbox One console was unveiled this week as well as several other collectible accessories. You can read all about them here as well as getting your first look at them. Everything listed there is available for pre-order now.

Also announced by 343I was the creation of a new tournament called the Halo World Championship. It’s an Esports event with over one million dollars in prizes available. Also included was a closer look at some multiplayer gameplay for Halo 5: Guardians. Read it all here.

Halo Wars 2 The unexpected reveal from Microsoft this week was Halo Wars 2. All we got was a brief trailer so information is scarce at the moment. One thing we do know is Creative Assembly, a PC studio known for the Total war series, is in charge of developing the game. If you want to see the trailer, which I’m sure you do, click the link.


Destiny As we get closer to the one month mark before The Taken King’s release Bungie has released the Prologue cinematic for the story. Oryx has heard of your triumphant killing of his son. He’s not pleased to say the least.

Another piece of surprising news was the removal of Dinklebot from Destiny. Nolan North will be replacing Peter Dinklage as the voice of Ghost in The Taken King, as well as the rest of the game.

To hear the voice you’ll be stuck with come September 15th as well as the Prologue trailer head over to our article.

Other Gaming News

Xbox At Gamescom, in between some previews of some highly anticipated and new games, Microsoft was showing off their plans for Xbox with Windows 10 and highlighting what would come soon. One of the notable things about these announcements is that the Xbox One will get a few upgrades in November. Full backwards compatibility will be coming to Xbox One in November, allowing you to play a large selection of 360 games through your Xbox One. November will also bring the launch of the full Windows 10 update to the console, complete with a new UI.

On backwards compatibility, it was also announced that all future Games With Gold titles on the Xbox 360 will be backwards compatible on the Xbox One, giving Xbox One owners four free games a month to play by November.

The announcement for the Xbox that will hit our consoles latest is that full DVR functionality will come in 2016 free of charge and subscription. The DVR will allow anybody with OneGuide set up on an Xbox One to record free-to-air TV programming and stream it to any Windows 10 device whenever you want. The recordings can also be accessed without Internet access if the recording was done previously.

If you want all the details, you can watch the Xbox Gamescom briefing below.

Scalebound Scalebound, that game with a big dragon we haven’t heard much about since last E3, had a gameplay reveal this week at Gamescom. As the hero, you and your dragon must save the Earth and other universes by defeating each of the creatures you encounter. Some of them can be quite large as well. To see it for yourself we have the trailer in this article.
Quantum Break Remedy has kept us dark for much of the development of Quantum Break, but when we get info, it’s always a lot. At Gamescom, we got our first look at gameplay in a long time, and this one went right into the action, showing off some of the gunplay and combat while utilizing the new time manipulation mechanics in a familiar fashion. Then, we got into the story of the game, which led further into the TV show planned to coincide with the game, creating one big interactive and cinematic storytelling experience.

You can find out more and watch the briefing here.

Rise of the Tomb Raider We’ve got another gameplay demo for Rise of the Tomb Raider, and this one focuses more on the combat of the game. Its set in the geothermal valley, a large and expansive region of the game. Watch Lara sneak around and go guns blazing in an enemy encampment in the video below.

Crackdown 3 We got our first look at Crackdown 3’s gameplay and it’s everything you would expect. Destruction, jumping, 4 player co-op and even more destruction. If you haven’t seen it yet and this sounds interesting to you then head over to the blog post for falling buildings and things that blow up.
Just Cause 3 If you like explosions then Just Cause 3 is the game for you. A new trailer was released that shows everything from walls to airplanes getting blown to pieces as the hero tries to save a town. Which he doesn’t seem to do a good job of if everything is on fire. Along with the trailer was the announcement that Just Cause 2 will be included with the purchase of the game for Xbox One owners. And there’s even a Collector’s edition you can get.

For more details check out the story here.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Mirror’s Edge Catalyst showed off part of a mission from the beginning of the game to give us a better look at the gameplay. Combat has become more fluid as well as chaining some of the runner skills. For a look at the trailer as well as some of the backstory you can read see it all in our blog.
Cobalt Jens from Mojang, popular as the lead developer for Minecraft, has shown us the latest from his newest game Cobalt. We last saw Cobalt a long time ago when it was announced for Xbox. We now get t see another trailer, in similar fashion to the old, with all of its slow motion combat, rolling and other craziness. The game seems similar to BattleBlock Theater and could prove to be another fun party game.

Star Wars We’re slowly getting more information on the new Star Wars Battlefront game, and this week it was our first look at flight combat gameplay. A new mode called Fighter Squadron puts two teams of 10 against each other and 20 additional AI enemy pilots. Like the ground based combat hero ships are also able to be brought into battle. To see for yourself watch the trailer in here.
Dark Souls III Dark Souls III was little more than a brief teaser at E3 a few months ago. Now, we have an extensive look at the gameplay, bosses and design. If you’ve been a fan of the series then you’ll find our article quite informative. One thing is certain in this game. You will die. A lot.
Forza 6 Forza Motorsport 6 has expanded the series to include night racing and rain for the first time in the Motorsport series. With help from professional drivers and old track footage, Turn 10 has been able to place puddles and attempt to simulate hydroplaning for the first time. To get the details check this out.
Rainbow Six: Siege We’ve got another trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege, and in the spirit of Gamescom, the trailer showed off the German counter-terrorist team, the GSG9, in action on an industrial harbor map.

Deals of the Week
Deals of the Week

FIFA 15 Deluxe Edition – Gold Price: $20.99 – 40% off
FIFA 15 – Gold Price: $20.09 – 33% off
EA Sports NBA LIVE 15 – Gold Price: $7.50 – 75% off
Madden NFL 15 – Gold Price: $20.09 – 33% off
EA Sports UFC – Gold Price: $9.90 – 67% off
NHL 15 – Gold Price: $20.09 – 33% off
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Gold Price: $40.19 – 33% off

Xbox 360

Borederlands – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off
Borderlands 2 – Gold Price: $4.99 – 75% off
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Gold Price: $23.99 – 60% off
FIFA 15 – Gold Price: $20.09 – 33% off
Madden NFL 15 – Gold Price: $20.09 – 33% off
NHL 15 – Gold Price: $20.09 – 33% off
Guilty Gear XX Core Plus – $3.74 – 75% off
Guilty Gear 2 – $4.99 – 75% off
Battle Fantasia – $2.99 – 85% off
BlazBlue – $2.99 – 85% off

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