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As the holiday season approaches we all tend to get reflective on things. It’s no different here at the Spartan 1 Project. A lot of work goes into the site, and group to keep things moving along. Some of it in the forefront like Stig and the Communiqué team, or other not so much like Arby and the Gordian Knot that is the site code. So, let us send out some love to everyone here for all they do. As for me, I’d like to shine some light on a few people…

The Grim Raider Team. With all the runs that had been accumulating I was totally stressed out about how we could possibly get these all done. I was relieved to see that not only did the team step up, but other community members lent a hand to help. Special thanks to Ham, and Swift who pitched in. Kirby who literally sped to the rescue. As well as our newest team member Soryiu who make it all just look too easy. Thanks again to all. If you have a fellow community member you would like to show some love than feel free to post down below.

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