Spartans Never Die, Official SIP Apparel

 For eight years, the Spartan I Project has been one of the largest & most recognized groups in the online gaming community. Since its inception in 2008,  S1P has helped online gamers obtain achievements, skill and rank levels in a range of activities and games including Halo, Destiny, Call of Duty and Gears of War!
We’re excited to unveil our first official t-shirt. Inspired by our Halo heritage, the Spartans Never Die tee will allow you to proudly support your favorite group both on and offline.
Spartans Never Die is available in long or short sleeve and hoodie. Colors are black or forest green. And we have mugs too.
Tees are $19.99USD. Long sleeve is $24.99USD. Hoodies are $29.99USD. Mugs are $9.99USD.
Grab yours now at: and thanks for your ongoing support.
– Tango




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