Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Reveal

Probably the most anticipated moment of EA’s press conference was the first look at Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer reveal. Not only was that given an extended look, but we received some fantastic news that no one can be unhappy with. There will be no season pass for this title because all DLC will be free! It was also announced that the first DLC pack will come in December and add Finn and Captain Phasma as playable heroes. A complaint from players in the last game was the amount of DLC that divided the playerbase. This time you won’t have to worry about it, although there will likely be something to make up for the cost to produce new content.

EA closed the show with a nearly 15 minute long demonstration of the multiplayer called Assault on Theed. This took place on Naboo set in Episode 1 as the droid army attempts to take the palace. The match progresses with the droids trying to complete all three phases of the mode while the clones defend against the attack. It showed an improved combat system, class upgrade options as well as discussing what each of the new classes will do. An official video from EA isn’t available, but IGN has the full match that you can watch below.

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