SIPWU 7.1.16

This week Halo 5 got a new free update along with firefight, The Division has a new expansion as well and many more things you can read. So keep on reading and see what’s going on with the Gaming Industry.

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SIPWU 8.2.13

What’s up SIP? I’m back from the boonies and ready to get my update on. Thanks to ROK for covering while I was gone. Not only did he manage to get the updates out, he managed to post them early…Which is something I haven’t done in a long time lol.

My excuse: Since E3 (perfect timing right?) my laptop has been suffering from this weird blue screen that would pop up and crash my computer. You couldn’t even turn it on half the time so I had to do all the updates with my iPhone (which isn’t fun). In a way, it’s kind of like the RROD only instead of an xXox it’s my HP Pavilion G6 (which are crap, don’t get HP laptops or the Pavilion for that matter).

While I was in Missouri, I discovered my cousin had the same exact laptop as me AND the same blue screen virus. He told me how to fix it and I haven’t had any problems ever since!

Now that I’m back in full force, let’s get rolling.

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Bioshock Infinite Clash in the Clouds Achievement List

Enigmas Shadow stopped by yesterday to share the achievement list for the newly-released DLC for Bioshock Infinite, entitled Clash in the Clouds. The DLC comes with 10 achievements worth 195 gamerscore and costs 400 MSP (free with purchase of the season pass).

Hit the jump for a description of the DLC and the achievement list!

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SIPWU 3.1.13 – This update is “fresh” from the Thrift Shop

[color=white]Happy Friday everybody! It’s been a long week, but we survived.

In celebration, here is this weeks SIPWU. I bought it from the thrift shop next door. The lady said it was fresh but it has this weird green stain on it…In fact, that could be what’s causing my computer to go bonkers right now. Probably will have to scan for a virus after this.

One last thing before I go, we have some very important Gears news that’s worth checking into.  Yes, it’s about Judgement. Click the link below and read about it.[/color]

Maxim’s Gears of War Judgement Maps Revealed!

[color=white] See you guys next week.[/color]

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