SIPWU 12.13.13

It’s Friday the 13th, but a little superstition won’t stop another update from rolling out.

We have plenty of gaming news with release schedules and content drops for a few of your favorite games. We also managed to gather plenty of sales for you to snag some good deals. We got a bit of news from SIP, with several birthdays, and not just members’ birthdays.

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SIPWU 8.30.13

First of all, let me say that with the survey we put up last week we received lots of valuable feedback. With that, you will continue to see changes in the updates as time goes on.

Regarding the news for this week, there isn’t much news but with PAX Prime starting today and continuing over the weekend more will come. For those of you who are looking to save some money on gaming then this update is for you with tons of sales and price drops.

We will also be implementing the first change based on the survey in this week’s SIPWU. We asked you if you wanted to see the SIPWU used s a place for discussion and the majority of you were in favor of the idea. So from this point on, feel free to discuss with others anything you find interesting in the SIPWU, whether it be the most recent game launch, or the active sales. Just play nice.

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SIPWU 5.17.13 – Guess who’s back?

Well I’m back from my vacation! It was a lot of fun. Did anyone miss me? No? Ok thanks I’m really fealing the love…

Anyways, I got to spend time with my grandparents who I see once or twice every year. I even bumped into a friend I haven’t seen since 6th grade! Little did I know that while I was having fun the gaming industry was booming. Today felt like an E3 week (which is fast approaching). There was so much gaming news!

It’s good to be back, crank up the speakers and butter up that popcorn because we (me and ham) have a ton of videos to throw at your faces!

Enjoy guys!

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SIPWU 3.15.13

That’s what I woke up to this morning. It’s blurry (sorry) but if you look close enough you will see a giant rabbit. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s trapped in a window well. How it survived the fall I’ll never know, but he was jumping around and was going ballistic while my mom (whom I thought was going to burst into tears) was screaming at me to get it out quick before it hurt itself.

As funny as it would of been to open the window and let it run around in the house I got my gloves and climbed down to rescue him. I’m happy to say that the little guy is free again, hopping in the fresh/fine grass or whatever it is rabbits do. I blame my dad for leaving the dog outside.

So that’s my story. I’m such a good person right? Anyways, we have a TON of news to go over so I’ll stop talking.

Oh and one more thing.

Protip: Try not to fall into any window wells while reading this update. I may not be around with my gloves at the time to set you free.


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