SIPWU 8.30.13

First of all, let me say that with the survey we put up last week we received lots of valuable feedback. With that, you will continue to see changes in the updates as time goes on.

Regarding the news for this week, there isn’t much news but with PAX Prime starting today and continuing over the weekend more will come. For those of you who are looking to save some money on gaming then this update is for you with tons of sales and price drops.

We will also be implementing the first change based on the survey in this week’s SIPWU. We asked you if you wanted to see the SIPWU used s a place for discussion and the majority of you were in favor of the idea. So from this point on, feel free to discuss with others anything you find interesting in the SIPWU, whether it be the most recent game launch, or the active sales. Just play nice.

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SIPWU 8.16.13

Another week, another update.

This week isn’t as lively in the gaming industry but the news we got came in bulk. Hopefully next week is more promising with Gamescom.

SIP was also pretty active with plenty of news about recent events here on the site.


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SIPWU 8.2.13

What’s up SIP? I’m back from the boonies and ready to get my update on. Thanks to ROK for covering while I was gone. Not only did he manage to get the updates out, he managed to post them early…Which is something I haven’t done in a long time lol.

My excuse: Since E3 (perfect timing right?) my laptop has been suffering from this weird blue screen that would pop up and crash my computer. You couldn’t even turn it on half the time so I had to do all the updates with my iPhone (which isn’t fun). In a way, it’s kind of like the RROD only instead of an xXox it’s my HP Pavilion G6 (which are crap, don’t get HP laptops or the Pavilion for that matter).

While I was in Missouri, I discovered my cousin had the same exact laptop as me AND the same blue screen virus. He told me how to fix it and I haven’t had any problems ever since!

Now that I’m back in full force, let’s get rolling.

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