SIPWU 6.7.13 – One More Week

It’s the final stretch! Only one more week until E3! Next week, I’ll be writing down gaming news, going to the movies, golfing, and living my life…Going to be busy couple of days.

At least I’ll be gone the week after that (June 18th). I’ll be fishing, shooting guns, and talking to family I haven’t seen for a whole year. Can’t wait!

Enjoy the update guys.
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Fable Anniversary Teaser

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, even hide yo chickens because they be kicking everybody out here!

That’s right folks, Lionhead has released a teaser trailer for an upcoming remake of the first Fable! The game will feature snazzy new graphics and animation, ear popping achievements, and include all of the content found in The Lost Chapters section of the later re-release of the original game. Most fans can all agree that Fable The Lost Chapters was the best the Fable franchise had to offer and now everyone that either hasn’t played or wants to revisit will now have the opportunity to experience its beauty!

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