SIPWU 10.18.13

Sorry about the late night update but things have been a bit weird.

We have some nice details on a few points of interest in the gaming industry this week. We also managed to get a bit of SIP news in there as well with milestones and promotions and undead littering the ground.

Enjoy the update.

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Community Game Night: Halo 3 Customs – Sat Oct 19 @ 8pm EDT

Trysten is hosting a Community Game Night in Halo 3 this weekend – Saturday October 19 at 8:00pm EDT. We’ll be reliving “the good old days” in custom games. If you have any interesting maps and/or gametypes, be sure to put them in your file share and let Trysten know.

To sign up, just drop a reply in this thread and send a message on XBL to Trysten. Hope to see you there!

The Halo Bulletin: 10.16.13

Hidden2 by DARK INFINITY 1

Bravo returned with this week’s Halo Bulletin, where he recaps Monday’s Community Playdate in the Oddball playlist, previews the Community Forge Ricochet playlist (which is scheduled to go live in 10 days’ time), drops some Halo-themed pumpkin stencils for Halloween, mentions the Games with Gold promotion going on this half of October, and features screenshots of armor abilities at work. You might recognize the author of at least one of these screenshots…

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Halo 3 free for XBL Gold members October 16-31

R MK XXV let us know (in addition to Major Nelson and Bravo in last week’s Halo Bulletin) that Halo 3 will be available free of charge for XBL Gold members beginning today until the end of the month (October 31).

Developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios, Halo 3 completes the original trilogy featuring humanity’s fight with the Covenant and Flood through the eyes of Master Chief.

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Vidmaster Challenge: Annual Achievement Guide

The Achievement Guide Spotlight is the weekly series where we take a look at one of the Spartan I Project’s achievement guides. These guides are written by our members for the sole purpose of helping others with the more difficult achievements in the games we play. Following our guides will save you time, energy, and controllers.

In advance of Halo 3 being available for free on October 16 as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold program, we are taking a look at our guide for the Vidmaster Challenge: Annual achievement written by TopdeK (aka Declan Clarke, or VenomChargerSRT). The guide is accompanied by 10 videos that show the paths that will save you time and are safest.

If you’re having trouble finding players to help you out, you can always request the help of our Annualists, who are by far the experts at the achievement in the entire Halo community. The team captain, ContactTango, has completed more than 700 individual run-throughs of the achievement and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. All you need to do to request their help is post in this thread.

Hit the jump to get started!

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The Halo Bulletin: 10.9.13


Bravo is in with this week’s Halo Bulletin, which mainly focuses on next week’s matchmaking update. He also talks with GH057ayame (community playlist designer at 343) about the updates to the Team Throwdown playlist, mentions the Games with Gold promotion happening in the latter half of October, and features a few screenshots of Forge art in Halo 4.

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Community Game Night: Halo 3 – Fri May 31 @ 9pm CDT

By popular demand, this week’s Community Game Night is throwing back to 2007. Flatty will be hosting this CGN in Halo 3, featuring custom games and possibly some matchmaking. It will be happening this Friday May 31 at 9pm CDT (10pm EDT/7pm PDT/3am BST).

Like last week, a prize will be offered for winning a game to be specified during the joining. Make sure to arrive on time and before the party is locked down!

To reserve your spot, visit our sign-up thread and put your name down. Hope to see everyone there!