Three ODST achievement teams join forces to form The Helljumpers

The upcoming release of Halo 3: ODST for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One has the members of our ODST achievement teams excited to revisit the streets of New Mombasa. To improve the ability of team members to set up runs, we will be consolidating the Brigade Team, Highwaymen, and Team Punishment into one single team, The Helljumpers. The team will support all achievements previously supported by the three individual teams (200k Firefight scoring, Vidmaster Challenge: Deja Vu, and Vidmaster Challenge: Endure) on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and will be under the leadership of Reaper and aDrunkBaconGod. If you need to unlock these achievements, head over to the Helljumpers’ board and request help from the team in the appropriate thread.

The team is also looking for new team members willing to help with these achievements. If you would like to volunteer your time to help members of SIP get achievements, please message either of the team captains.

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SIPWU 12.13.13

It’s Friday the 13th, but a little superstition won’t stop another update from rolling out.

We have plenty of gaming news with release schedules and content drops for a few of your favorite games. We also managed to gather plenty of sales for you to snag some good deals. We got a bit of news from SIP, with several birthdays, and not just members’ birthdays.

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Vidmaster Challenge: Déjà Vu Achievement Guide

The Achievement Guide Spotlight is back, featuring one of the Spartan I Project’s achievement guides. These guides are written voluntarily by our members to help others with difficult achievements in the games we play. In each guide are strategies you should adopt to make the process of earning them as painless as possible.

This week we’re commemorating the fourth anniversary of Halo 3: ODST’s release date by featuring our guide to the Vidmaster Challenge: Déjà Vu achievement, which requires players to team up with three other players on Xbox LIVE and clear the Coastal Highway mission on Legendary difficulty with the Iron skull activated and without boarding a Warthog or Scorpion. This guide was composed by Declan Clarke (aka TopdeK), is also hosted on HBO and includes 12 video clips to supplement the guide for visual learners.

While the guide includes a comprehensive strategy for the achievement, it is far easier to enlist the help of the Highwaymen, our achievement team dedicated to helping community members unlock the Déjà Vu achievement. As of this posting, they’ve unlocked the achievement for 1,291 players and would be happy to help you out as well – just post here to request their help.

Hit the jump to see how the Highwaymen work their magic!

Page 1: Laying Down the Law
Page 2: Burnin’ Rubber
Page 3: Ghost and Ghouls
Page 4: Is this a Wraith I see before me?
Page 5: The light at the end of the Highway

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SIPWU 8.16.13

Another week, another update.

This week isn’t as lively in the gaming industry but the news we got came in bulk. Hopefully next week is more promising with Gamescom.

SIP was also pretty active with plenty of news about recent events here on the site.


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jim97 hits his 100th Déjà Vu run

Last week, jim97 reached his 100th Déjà Vu milestone in his usual destructive style. Apparently parked cars are not safe around this man… To learn more about his antics, check out these tributes from his fellow Highwaymen and congratulate him on reaching his milestone here.

Halo 3: ODST is quickly approaching its fourth anniversary of its release date, and the Highwaymen, our dedicated achievement team for the Vidmaster Challenge: Déjà Vu achievement, are showing no signs of stopping. If you still need help with the achievement, they are happy to help – become a member of SIP and click here to get started.

Through volleys of rocket fire…

Emerges BREQ! Please join me in congratulating the Highwayman’s Captain for completing his 400th Deja Vu run!

Rocket’s backfiring, flying Brute Chieftains, over-friendly ghosts and banshee’s he’s seen it all and done it all! Through thick and thin he’s led over 400 people down the highway to safety!

Here’s to the Captain of the Highway! 8)

Post written by jat666. The Highwaymen are our local experts at running the gauntlet of Coastal Highway to unlock the Déjà Vu achievement. To get their help, click the link above and prepare for a fun road trip.

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McB: ” You smell that? “
Runner: ” What? “
McB: ” Bacon, son. Nothing else in the World smells like that. “
McB: ” I love the smell of bacon in the morning … “

Excerpt from the autobiography ‘Tartan Terror’ (S1P Books) ISBN 0 117117 117117
Format: Colouring Book (Crayons sold separately)

Some of you know him as Killagruntjaro, to others, he is the free-spirited Kevin
McBacon, who can often be seen cruising the Avenues & Boulevards of Hollyrood. For those of you seeking further insights into this charismatic son of a ……… Scotsman, we’ve managed to acquire a recording from the live feed inside his helmet.
[Unfortunately due to censorship laws we can only broadcast a brief snippet.]





Oh!! 😮 … er! … well, on that slightly curious note, I suppose we should draw these proceedings to a close.

Would you join me in congratulating, the soon to be certified, 100% bat crap crazy, Killagruntjaro.

100 Déjà Vu Runs. Excellent. Well Done Kev. 8)

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