Through volleys of rocket fire…

Emerges BREQ! Please join me in congratulating the Highwayman’s Captain for completing his 400th Deja Vu run!

Rocket’s backfiring, flying Brute Chieftains, over-friendly ghosts and banshee’s he’s seen it all and done it all! Through thick and thin he’s led over 400 people down the highway to safety!

Here’s to the Captain of the Highway! 8)

Post written by jat666. The Highwaymen are our local experts at running the gauntlet of Coastal Highway to unlock the Déjà Vu achievement. To get their help, click the link above and prepare for a fun road trip.

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And you will know him by…..the trail of the dead

Old band, a good one and seemed fitting. In the short time that this person has joined the team as co-captain, he has made an epic impact and left an even bigger pile of undead corpses in his wake. He has already hit a milestone and helped others to unlock 50 achievements, please join me in congratulating FLiP DADDY 69!

Congrats Brother, keep up the good work!

Post written by Enigmas Shadow. Team Deathmachine are our resident zombie killers for Call of Duty Black Ops I and II. To get their help, click the above link and sign-up.

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McB: ” You smell that? “
Runner: ” What? “
McB: ” Bacon, son. Nothing else in the World smells like that. “
McB: ” I love the smell of bacon in the morning … “

Excerpt from the autobiography ‘Tartan Terror’ (S1P Books) ISBN 0 117117 117117
Format: Colouring Book (Crayons sold separately)

Some of you know him as Killagruntjaro, to others, he is the free-spirited Kevin
McBacon, who can often be seen cruising the Avenues & Boulevards of Hollyrood. For those of you seeking further insights into this charismatic son of a ……… Scotsman, we’ve managed to acquire a recording from the live feed inside his helmet.
[Unfortunately due to censorship laws we can only broadcast a brief snippet.]





Oh!! 😮 … er! … well, on that slightly curious note, I suppose we should draw these proceedings to a close.

Would you join me in congratulating, the soon to be certified, 100% bat crap crazy, Killagruntjaro.

100 Déjà Vu Runs. Excellent. Well Done Kev. 8)

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A busy week for the Brigade

This last week for the Brigade has been active with milestones, a speed run, and the usual ammo-sharing love and fun.

Let’s start with the individual milestones.

SovietBeatle passed 450 in his run count in his usual style of Brute-bashing fun.

Pokenut passed his 200 run mark, preferring to let his weapons do the aggressive negotiations.

While these two were hitting their individual marks they also set a new speed record for Rally Point with a new time of 15:44. On this run Beatle, Pokenut, and Killagruntjaro put the pedal down and never let up.

Please join me in congratulating SovietBeatle, Pokenut, and Killagruntjaro on their milestones.

Great work guys and a big thank you to all the great work you do.

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