Xbox One: This is an Invitation

With the release of the Xbox One less than a month away, Microsoft is starting their advertising campaign. Here is their new ad, entitled “Invitation,” that will be shown on television starting this Sunday on Sunday Night Football on NBC (in the United States). For more information on the ad campaign, check out the new post on the Xbox Wire.

The Xbox One releases on November 22nd, 2013.

SIPWU 4.26.13 – Lara Croft is hot…

I’m just stating the obvious….

Seems like every heavy hitter title seemed to be coming out with new info relating to their next game this week.

Yes, I’m talking about Halo, CoD, and Battlefield. What is the world coming to? We also found out that the next generation xbox will be making an appearance soon. Get to reading! And while your at it please thank Poke for the awesome review on the latest Tomb Raider game!
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