Release Spotlight – 4/22/13

A little late in the week for a release spotlight but it’ll be something you guys will be seeing every Monday. I’ve been working on different layouts and found this to be the most practical for the information provided. Let me know in the discussion what you liked/disliked about this article and of course enjoy these fresh releases!

Assassin’s Creed 3 – The Redemption

Release Date: 4/23/13
PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Genre: Action Adventure
Price: $9.99

Official Website

“The final chapter of our three-part Tyranny of King Washington single-player DLC series is nearly upon us! The mad King George Washington has retreated within his New York stronghold and Ratonhnhaké:ton must prepare an assault against Washington’s incredible fortress. As the stakes continue to rise in Ratonhnhaké:ton’s pursuit of Washington, so too must his strength and ferocity. Calling on an ancient source of might, Ratonhnhaké:ton must once again risk his sanity to embark on a mysterious and dangerous Sky Journey in order to release the Power of the Bear.”

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