SIPWU 5.23.14

It’s Memorial Day weekend here and an event for all because it’s a Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend. Not only that, but there are also free-to-play special event weekends all weekend long. So those of you wanting to get online and maybe try out a new game for free, then now’s your time.

Read on to know more. You know you want to.

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Xbox One: This is an Invitation

With the release of the Xbox One less than a month away, Microsoft is starting their advertising campaign. Here is their new ad, entitled “Invitation,” that will be shown on television starting this Sunday on Sunday Night Football on NBC (in the United States). For more information on the ad campaign, check out the new post on the Xbox Wire.

The Xbox One releases on November 22nd, 2013.

Crackdown, Dead Rising 2, DR2: Case Zero free for XBL Gold members in August


Major Nelson has announced August’s free games as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold program. From August 1 to 15, Crackdown will be available for free (normally 1200 MSP), and both Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (normally $15 and 400 MSP, respectively) will be available for free from August 16 to 31.

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Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale”

Major Nelson posted today that “Next week, the Xbox Live Marketplace will kick off their ‘Ultimate Game Sale’ and they sent over this list of upcoming titles that are scheduled to be on sale.”

Different games will be on sale throughout the week at steeply discounted prices. The prices are not yet set, but be sure to check this discussion thread throughout the week for updates.

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