The Halo Bulletin: 5.22.13

Everwinter by CryoDragon95

This week’s Halo Bulletin by bs angel features interviews with the lucky community members who went to 343 Industries last week to try out the weapon tuning, a fix for this week’s matchmaking update, and screenshots featuring the disintegration effect of certain Forerunner weapons. Also mentioned was Steven Spielberg being named as the executive producer for the new Halo live-action television series – but since the project is in the very early stages, further details are not available and will not be for some time.

Weapon Tuning
If you missed last Friday’s weapon tuning live stream, you can check it out here.

Matchmaking Update
If you played in the Community Forge Island playlist that went live in this past Monday’s matchmaking update, you may have noticed some maps appearing unfinished (e.g. Onyx) and ordnance drops appearing in the wrong place. Apparently there was an error in the backend conversion of these maps. An update was rolled out this morning to fix those issues.

Search parameters for matchmaking are being fine-tuned to match players with similar CSRs more consistently. The effect though will be slightly longer match times in certain playlists, with the longest skill search window being in Team Throwdown.

Lastly, the sustain team is investigating consolidation of the existing playlists. The team will look at a number of factors to decide whether to retire the playlist or not. Some of these include maximum/minimum concurrent population, unique players, and number of games/total time played per session. If you want to see your favourite playlist stay, be sure to play the heck out of it in the coming days and weeks.

For full details, have a look at the full Halo Bulletin.

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