The Halo Bulletin: 6.19.13

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Fresh off the glow from E3, Bravo has checked in this week’s Halo Bulletin. Included are summaries of his experience at E3, this week’s matchmaking update, a glimpse into the next matchmaking update, and a selection of screenshots featuring the almighty cone.

In addition, 343 is hosting a huge FFA Tournament this summer, with the kickoff event happening at RTX in Austin, Texas. Over $500,000 in prizes are available to be won through this tournament, so this will be even bigger than the Infinity Challenge. Full details will be made available on July 1.

Next week’s Spartan Ops line-up in matchmaking will yet again feature a new designer’s choice medley. The chapters that will be available on Monday June 24 are:

Chapter 6, Mission 4: Search and Destroy
Chapter 5, Mission 3: Everything Has Gone Wrong
Chapter 4, Mission 5: Hairy Call
Chapter 3, Mission 1: The VIP
Chapter 4, Mission 3: Random Transport

Image by /u/Juke265

This week’s matchmaking update featured the addition of Mini Slayer in Action Sack, where the Spartan figure is scaled down by a lot but everything else remains the same (including weapons, grenades, and holograms). To compensate for issues created by the scaling, the AR was slightly buffed while melee damage was reduced to 0%. There may be more gametypes that involve Spartan scaling on the way as well, so watch out for those in future Halo Bulletins.

The matchmaking update on July 1 will include updates to the Flood playlist and replacing the Team Objective playlist with one called “Big Team Skirmish”. More details will be revealed in next week’s Halo Bulletin.

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