The undead will fear his name…

If the zombies are causing a commotion in the European part of the world, this one crazy man will be viciously obliterating them…


He is known for his enigmatic name and he is one of the few hiding in the shadows, waiting for the horde. This man has killed thousands of zombies, and helped many survivors achieve their goals.

Join me in congratulating our UK friendly, Enigmas Shadow, for helping members unlock over 100 achievements in the zombies game mode within Call of Duty: Black ops I and II! Congratulations buddy, this is an amazing milestone. I am proud to slay undead maggot sacks with you anytime! Keep up the great work!


We are currently looking for qualified SIP members to join TDM. If you have an interest, even if you are not there yet but want to be there, take a look at our ”joining TDM” info in our TDM info & spam thread As always though, even if you are not qualified to join the team yet, showing your interest by helping us out with runs will go a long way towards showing us your dedication to the team.

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